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TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: A Whole Lotta Whoohoo and Ghostly Antics

Chapter 64

R.I.P. Charlie Goth

R.I.P. Scarlet (Firecracker) Goth

While they were eating Jaxton's birthday cake Avery announced that she was leaving.  "I don't know how long I'll be gone.  I've signed up for a dating service!"  Jaxton couldn't understand her reasoning for wanting to tie herself down to one person but to each his own.

With the house to himself Jaxton invites Morgan Fyres over.  He decides today is the day he will make her his.

Things move quickly with her.  She's all too eager to agree to be his girlfriend.

And to do other things too.

When Morgan has to leave Jaxton calls over Sofia Bjergsen.  She's really angry when she gets there.  Can she have heard about Morgan?

Jaxton cools her temper with some kisses and soon she's putty in his hands.

With yet another girlfriend on the list he brings Sofia up to show her a good time.  Don't want one of them thinking he likes them more than the other.

After Sofia leaves Jaxton gets very tense worrying that one of the girls might be cheating on him behind his back.

He paces the room for awhile trying to calm down then tells himself the story of how he whoohoo'd his two girlfriends.  That makes him feel better.

He ends the long day of love by flirting with himself in the mirror.  Those girls are so lucky!

No family tree for this one... it would be too confusing!

Kaci Pancakes had finally agreed to leave her family home (next door) and move in with her long time boyfriend Ricky Westbrook.  She had been putting off the move even though she spent most of her time in the house anyway because she was intimidated by Lyle's girlfriend Rosa Lothario.  Where Kaci was plain and down to earth Rosa was sophisticated and loved to party.  But she couldn't put off the move any longer Ricky was getting impatient and she didn't want to tell him the truth behind her reluctance.
Ricky was so relieved that Kaci had finally agreed to move in that he gave her a big hug.  He knew she was a loner and that was most likely the reason she had put it off for so long but he had been beginning to worry that it was more than that.

After Kaci's things are settled in Ricky's/their room the roommates all head over to the movie theater to watch a new movie that just premiered.

Halfway through the movie Lyle and Rosa sneak off to a nearby bush for some fun.

After the movie is over Kaci sees Rosa's brother Angelo grilling.  She thinks he looks so sad.  His wife just died after all.

Kaci isn't very good with social situations.  She decides to try to cheer Angelo up up flirting with him.  He gets angry and storms off.

She feels guilty... maybe that wasn't the best idea?  She decides to give Ricky a big kiss to help her forget her stupid mistake.

Then she leads him over to the bush as well.  This bush has seen a lot of action today.

Rosa wanted to have a drink at a nightclub so they all head over there.

While everyone else had drinks at the nightclub Kaci found a nearby fishing spot and enjoyed the solitude.

The rest of them made their ways to the dance floor.
(That dj is really cute!)

Wow what was in that drink anyway?  Rosa can't keep her hands off Lyle.

Ricky finds Kaci outside and they spend the rest of the night fishing.  They both love the outdoors so to them this is fun.


Dwight overheard some people talking outside of his house about the shocking death of Nick Casey and how his wife Star had left his urn at The Green Dragon instead of taking it home and what a scandal it was.  At first he didn't think much of it but then he got to thinking... this could be his chance to have a friend.  He'd been lonely after the family that was living with him all died in the epidemic.  He had hoped someone would come back as a ghost but none did.

After snatching the urn he heads back to his little house in Windenburg.  He used to live in a mansion in Oasis Springs but after everyone living there died he got sick of haunting that big house alone.  He found this little empty house and made himself at home.

Dwight summoned Nick's ghost and Nick was not happy!  Especially when Dwight explained how he had come to be in possession of Nick's urn.

Dwight manages to calm Nick down and they spend the whole day chatting and getting to know each other.  After it gets dark they go outside to stargaze and Dwight tells Nick what it's like to be a ghost.

The two become best friends.
(Dwight is playful not flirty!)

Finally Dwight gets the nerve to ask the question he summoned Nick to ask in the first place.  Would he join him and live here together?  Nick agrees.

Chapter 65

Chapter notes:  Hahahaha if you hadn't figured it out Jaxton is a serial romantic, insane, outgoing and jealous.  It should make for a pretty funny story.  Although I may have to add some more sims to the neighborhood for him to date!

If you were wondering why on earth Kaci flirted with Angelo.

After all that autonomous whoohoo I had Rosa and Kaci take pregnancy tests but no babies for them.  I'm thinking of turning the chance of risky whoohoo babies up instead of having the sims try for baby.  Give it a little randomization.

Sorry this post is kinda all over the place... I didn't really have any story in mind and just let the sims do what they wanted to do for most of it.  I'm really excited to have Nick back as a ghost!  Dwight is the only playable ghost I've had and he just showed up as a townie one day.

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