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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises- Rainy Dayz Romance: 1.4

Session 1, Entry 4
Participants: Tatsuya Ikeda (from the Ikeda Legacy), Bobbi Rivera, Emma Bennet (from Harrington's Wonder Child) & Pale Rider White

After everyone was rested up from their long night out they all sat down to discuss what had happened.  Of course Rainy had to drill Bobbi for details on her and Cesar.  Everyone was too shocked not to mention it! 

Bobbi went into a long explanation about pheromones that had everyone shifting in their seats then finished by saying she wouldn't mind seeing him again.

The next one to get everyone's attention was Platinum and Gretchen.  Platinum just replied that he was a hunk of burnin' love and he was diggin' Gretchen.

Rainy suggested that they go on a solo date and see where things go.  Platinum was eager so he elected to go first.

He met Gretchen at a little cafe and thought how beautiful she looked in the sunlight.

He was so inspired by her beauty that he read her love poetry.

They flirted a little and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He promised to write a song just for her.

On his way inside to grab them some more coffee he saw Marisol.  He decided a little flirt wouldn't hurt anything.  There's a 'lotta Platinum to go around after-all!

He didn't even seem to notice when Gretchen came over to see what was taking him so long.

He tried to give her a kiss and Gretchen pushed him away then started to cry.  She ended the date and he went back to the lighthouse feeling confused.  What had just happened?

Bobbi, being an intellectual mind, opted for a museum date.  She hadn't thought much about a relationship for herself when she had moved into the lighthouse but with everyone talking about it so much and her brother Robi recently married she decided to give it a shot.

They sat down and she started talking about complex equations and how fascinating she found them.  To her surprise Cesar smiled at her and listened, his eyes didn't get that glazed over look that most sim's usually did.

They had a great chat and she found herself interested in everything that he had to talk about.  

She wanted to do something romantic to set the mood so she decided to beguile him with her charms... and a little experiment she had been working on back home.

They had a wonderful day walking around the museum viewing the art and debating their different views on the meanings of the pieces.

Cesar might not look like the kind of guy her mother would approve of... but neither did Bobbi.  She was intrigued by the fact that she was actually considering her families' possible opinions of him.

On an impulse she asked him to be her boyfriend and he was shocked but agreed.  They were both very excited.

When she returned back to the lighthouse she shocked Rainy by informing her that she was leaving the lighthouse so that she could take Cesar home to meet her family.

Emma just smiled to herself.  She knew from the moment she saw them together that there was chemistry.

Rainy felt bad that Tats and Emma had just been sitting around the lighthouse all day with her since the other two were on dates so she took them out to a nightclub for some fun.

Platinum wouldn't say a word about his date with Gretchen when he got back but Rainy had the feeling it didn't go good.  When she saw Gretchen looking so sad she went over to comfort her and got her side of the story.

According to Gretchen she really liked Platinum and had a great date... at first.  Then shortly after promising to dedicate a song to her she saw him flirting with Marisol.  While he was on a date with her!  Poor Gretchen. 

Rainy couldn't wait to ask Platinum his side of things in the morning.  He had seemed smitten with Gretchen when he'd left for their date.  What on earth happened?

Emma offered to show Karlie the different constellations.

Then she told her some jokes.  Karlie got bored and they went back into the club to dance.

Tats spent most of the night chatting with Marisol of all people.  For once she wasn't glaring at him and they actually became good friends.

At some point Rainy went home and left the two to mingle on the dance floor.  They each had some great conversations and made some friends but neither had any romantic inclinations towards anyone they met.

They were exhausted by the time they dragged themselves back to the lighthouse at 3:30am.

Chapter notes:
Oh man did things go completely different than I had thought they would!  First, I had already shipped Platinum and Gretchen and was about to end the date and send him home when he decides to flirt with Marisol!  I don't even know how Gretchen saw him do it because she wasn't close to him at the time but she did and got very upset.  I felt so bad.

Then I thought nothing would come of the thing with Cesar for Bobbi.  I decided not to do any flirty interactions unless she wanted to, which she did.  He got flirty but she actually never did:
So yay!  My first match.  Not at all what I was expecting.  But love is a crazy thing!

Now Tats and Emma... *sigh*  All their whims are skill related like increase mixology for Tats and pretty much everything for Emma.  You can tell she was a whiz kid.  Or buy something like a bar or a microscope.  I'm tempted to make a basement and start buying all this stuff so they stop getting whims for it!

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