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TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Endings and Beginnings

Chapter 54


The Goth family has been shaken by the recent loss of the family patriarch Alexander.

Scarlet tries to cheer them up by telling them the story of how she met their father.

"I was new to town and happened to see the rocket ship from the park by the house.  I stopped in to introduce myself and Alexander completely ignored me until I asked about the rocket", she laughed.  "All he was interested in was that rocket and it sure did take a lot before he got interested in me too."

"I didn't think he had a romantic bone in his body until the day he proposed to me!  It was the most romantic moment of my life and I will cherish the memory."

"Then he took me up in that rocket ship that started it all" she sighed happily, caught up in the memories.

"We had a beautiful wedding."

"We conceived you two that night." She laughs while the boys groan and the girls giggle.  "Two perfect little boys."  

The family is cheered up by Scarlet's stories and all of them start thinking about their own futures.

Maxwell dragged Marshall to the side of the room.  "She just had to tell them about Dad's big legendary proposal didn't she?  What're we going to do now?!"  Marshall couldn't hold the laughter in.  "We?  Brother, it sounds like it's you that has the problem, not me."

Maxwell dragged his brother into the entryway.  "Quiet you idiot!  Do you want them to hear us?"  When Marshall replied that he didn't care Maxwell decided his twin must be dense.  "Let me explain it to you clearly brother, our girls have been living with us for quite some time now and I'm sure even before the big proposal story they were expecting us to propose soon."

Marshall hung his head in shame at not realizing what was going on before his anti-social twin.  Maxwell enjoyed his brother's embarrassment for a moment before telling him "we've gotta make it big brother, something that beats even Dad's romantic proposal."

Marshall started freaking out.  "Oh my gosh what am I going to do?"  Maxwell laughed at his brother.  "We, brother, what are we going to do?  We're twins, they're twins.  We met the same day and they moved in with us the same day.  Why can't we propose together?"

So they sat down to plot out the "perfect" proposal.

"So what do you think?" Mary gushed.  "I think we're in trouble." Mallory replied.

Scarlet patted herself on the back for a job well done.  That should light a fire under those boys buns!  Alexander would be proud.


Quinn decides to invite her new friends Jace and Braelyn over, and some of her old friends too so they can meet each other.

The kids are all amazed by the big playground in the back yard.

They all have a blast and Quinn feels like she did a good job introducing all the kids to each other.

Okay so apparently while Daxton was at the house Zoe must have flirted with him or something?  Adam had this "flirty spouse" moodlet and was really angry all night.  I have no idea what happened because I was watching the kids play.  Anyway, so in the morning Adam woke up, stomped upstairs and went into the nursery to yell at this dinosaur!  It's so funny I can't stop laughing!


"Did you see that ladybug?  It was like this big!"  Braelyn enthused.  "What are you guys talking about?"  Wolfgang asked.  "The playground at the Jones mansion!"  They replied excitedly.

Wolfgang's brother Lucas walked in and they had to tell him all about it.  "Sounds like this Quinn girl's one you want to meet bro."  Wolfgang joked.

After the kids went to school Veronica and Wolfgang skipped and headed to the ancient ruins.  The best times were the times when they were alone.  Those were the times when Wolfgang was sweet and Veronica looked forward to this time alone with him more than anything.  His birthday was today and her birthday was in a few days.  She was starting to worry what was going to happen after they aged up.

As the day goes by Veronica gets more and more worried.

As the bonfire dies down and they're getting ready to leave she finally gets the nerve to ask him what's going to happen after they age up. 
"Is that why you've been so quiet?"  He asks.  "It's not like your brother is going to throw you out of the house or something."
"I was worried about you actually."  She replied sadly.  "Why on earth would you worry about me?"  Wolfgang wondered.  "I've got skills babe, no need to worry about me!"  She wondered what he meant by skills but let it go.  

They said goodbye and planned to meet up at his house later.

At Wolfgang's house later, before he blows out the candles he announces that he's changing his last name to Black because Munch is the stupidest last name ever.  (Yea I'm looking at you EA.)  Then he tells them he's moving out.  Veronica just stares at him.  He acted like he had no plans!  Now she's really worried.

He looks so enthused.  If you hadn't guessed already, his last trait is kleptomaniac.  

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