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Monday, April 18, 2016

Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises- Rainy Dayz Romance: 1.1

Session 1, Entry 1
Participants: Tatsuya Ikeda (from the Ikeda Legacy)

Tatsuya Ikeda stared up at the imposing structure in front of him.

 He stood there for a bit thinking about his family and wondering if he shouldn't just give up this fool's errand of trying to find love and go home where he belongs.  He almost turned back but he didn't.

 He climbed the stairs to the huge lighthouse home and knocked on the door.

Rainy Dayz was just finishing watching the last episode of Love Shot featuring her first ever dating client when she heard a knock at the door.  This is it!  She slipped the notebook she was taking notes in under the couch cushion and ran to the door.

"Ohmygosh it's you!  Tats, can I call you Tats?  I just watched you on tv and now you're here!  Don't worry about getting eliminated!  That girl could never understand the thrill of playing a MMORPG with your friends, forgetting to eat, forgetting to sleep, being deep in the dungeon about to fight to fight the boss..."  Rainy got a glazed expression on her face that quickly changed to embarrassment.

"Erm I'm sorry about that.  I kinda got carried away."  She looked around and pointed to the kitchen.  "Drinks!  I can make coffee or tea or..."

"Hey, let me make you a drink instead.  I'm a pretty decent mixologist and you seem like you need something to calm your nerves." Tats said slowly while he looked around the big house.

"Wow it's like turquoise, thanks!"  Rainy gushed.  "So you're part of a legacy huh?  I have to admit I'm kinda intimidated."

"I am."  Tats replied proudly.  Then he added "but I wasn't eligible for heir, being a guy and all.  None of us were, the triplets I mean."

After their drinks Tats headed out to the pool to relax a bit before dinner.

"This calls for reinforcements."  Rainy muttered to herself as she pulled her phone out of her pocket and started dialing.

The glutton trait must be stronger than the geek trait in Tats.  He was on his way to the computer and turned around and walked back to grab a plate and start eating.

Rainy knew a few people in town and invited them to dinner to introduce them to her guest.  One of them was Gretchen Griffin.  She gave a friendly wave to everyone and started chatting right away.  Tats introduced himself, moved to the bar with his plate and continued to eat.

Next to arrive was Marisol Weir.  She walked in, grabbed the clay off the counter and stared daggers at poor Tats.

Tats was so hungry he grabbed a second plate.  It can't be Rainy's cooking, she's a horrible cook... a great baker but a horrible cook.  The red-haired guy is Layton Eastman.

These two are Rainy's kids.  Jay Byrd and Dom Rains.  Jay and Dom came over to support their Mom in her new endeavor.

After dinner Tats ignores everyone to go hot-tubbing.

He might have gotten on the computer but Gretchen beat him to it.  She played a really intense game of Sims 1 until the end of the party.

After everyone left Tats chose a bedroom and went to sleep.  First day down, who knows how many more to go?

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Chapter notes: The lighthouse is Portland Beach Mansion built by kerplunk107.  It was only partially furnished so you may notice things added to the house or moved around until I figure out where I want everything.  I couldn't figure a way to include Rainy's backstory in this chapter... I didn't want to just have picture after picture of her yammering on to Tats.  You can learn more about her and the other non-datable sims on the Cast of Characters page.


  1. See?! He just loves to be by himself... Secret loner trait, perhaps?

    1. He does open up and chat with other sims when forced into a social situation but at the lighthouse he just wonders away to do his own thing.


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