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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Freezer Bunny Dating Franchises- Rainy Dayz Romance: 1.2

Session 1, Entry 2
Participants: Tatsuya Ikeda (from the Ikeda Legacy) & Bobbi Rivera

Rainy and Tats were on their way out the door to visit the park in Oasis Springs when there was a loud quick knock at the door.

When they got outside there was a girl standing there.  "I'm Bobbi Rivera." She said then continued before anyone could get a word of greeting in "I'm studying the science of love and I heard that you've opened a dating service!  I was wondering if I could pick your brain about all things love related.  For intellectual purposes, of course."

When it appeared that Bobbi was going to let her speak Rainy replied "I'll do you one better, why don't you stay here for a bit?  You can talk to my clients yourself and get the information you need that way.  Who knows?  You might even meet someone yourself!"  Bobbi scoffed at the idea of meeting someone for herself but agreed to stay and accompanied the pair to the park.

Bobbi is going to be a tough one, I can tell.  She kept cancelling out introducing herself to sims and instead headed for the chess tables.

Blake Watkins sat down to play a nice game of chess with Bobbi and she lectured him on how love is actually a chemical reaction of the brain caused by pheromones.

There wasn't anybody at the park that Tats didn't know yet so he headed upstairs to practice making drinks.

When he saw Adeline Benedict from the bar he came down to introduce himself.  They chatted for a bit and then she left.

Amazingly Bobbi does something other than play chess!  They look pretty cozy.

The group meets up for a lunch of hotdogs and Bobbi debates the purpose of pick-up lines with Rainy while Tats just watches and listens.

Marisol really seems to have something against Tats.  She was glaring at him at the dinner party yesterday and then today she grabs a hotdog, sits down and glares at him again!

Tats introduces himself to some non-glaring women that he saw fishing nearby.  Their names are Dallas and Sydney, both are single.

Meanwhile Bobbi passes out!
I've never had a sim that I put in my game have low needs before but she did!

Tats grabs a collectable he sees nearby after the ladies he was talking to leave then they all head home.

"Isn't he just adorable?  Couldn't you just pinch his cheeks?"

Tats naps on the couch and Rainy grabs a coffee but Bobbi chooses a bedroom and falls asleep instantly.

By the time Tats wakes up energized from his nap Rainy is in bed too so he makes some drinks on a whim before heading to bed himself.  A long day in the hot sun of Oasis Springs must really take the energy right out of a sim!

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Chapter notes:  Oasis Springs park is Caribean Beach Club by Pinedhuitre13

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