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TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Love and Hate

Chapter 56


While I've been playing out the last few chapters I've seen Skye everywhere.  This shot was taken outside of the Nobles house.

Skye went into labor while I was playing Veronica's birthday.  I have the setting on MC Command center that pauses labor once it starts.  What I didn't realize is that 1. it pops up constantly once they go into labor reminding you and 2. there's no time to even take her to the hospital to have the baby!

No sooner had I gotten Skye and Rocco into the house to take a pre-baby shot of them together than a popup warned that a bassinet had been delivered and Skye started having the baby!

Make that babies!  It's a girl Kizzy and a boy Kade.  Since their names are Rocco and Skye I figured they wouldn't just give their kids run of the mill names.

Skye, being the party animal that she is, decides that there's no better way to celebrate their twins birth than to throw a big house party!  As soon as guests start to arrive though the babies are hungry and the new parents have to run to feed them.

Once the twins are fed, cuddled and cooed over Rocco heads over to the party area to crack some jokes with Star, Suri and Adam.

What a wonderful caterer Evan is!  He not only cooked a ton of food but also changed Kizzy's diaper!

Meanwhile Skye and Rocco entertain their guests.

Before Veronica and Wolfgang were my favorites there was Charlie and Buffy.  Well into their elder years and still so in love.

Funny I mentioned Veronica.  After every party that Rocco and Skye throw there's someone left for hours on the motion gaming rig.  This time it was Veronica.  Poor Rocco, always gets stuck cleaning up.


Seeing Charlie and Buffy at the party made me miss them but I wasn't sure what to do with them and then I remembered they have a granddaughter now!  So Shea and Alessandra come over while Zayne is at work.

They all go to the new camp lot.
After work Zayne joins them and tells a story but he apparently screwed up the ending and nobody liked he and he got embarrassed.

When Alessandra went to clean up her plate she suddenly left the camp and ran like halfway across the neighborhood to clean these plates up too.

Shea must have gotten into some poison ivy.

Alessandra gets a tent all to herself.  She goes inside and plays.

And while she plays her parents make good use of some alone time.


I felt guilty that I had played both her sisters since the wedding so I visited Star and Nick's house.  While Nick was at work Star went to the park in Oasis Springs and introduced herself to sims.

Ummm goofball, you are sitting on rocks!

Okay so if you'll remember Nick was Star's neighbor when they were teens.  The first time he proposed to her she said no even though they had a full pink bar.  So I was happy to see them getting along so well, when he got home from work he sat down to watch tv and she autonomously ran over and kissed him.

Then they sat watching tv for awhile and he tried to kiss her and she pushed him away.

Then she went upstairs and hid under the covers of one of the spare beds.  He came up and talked to her for a bit and then tried another romantic interaction and she pushed him away again!  They went to bed after that, in the same bed, no problems...

But in the morning after breakfast when he tried to kiss her again she freaked out.  They now only have a sliver of pink left. 

All of Nick's whims are romantic interactions with Star and she won't let him near her.  They're both embarrassed and I give up and leave the house.  Now that I think about it I don't think these two have ever whoohooed before either.  *sigh*


After the fiasco with Star and Nick I decided to go with a safer bet with Wolfgang and Veronica.  They go to the park and the first thing Wolfgang does is head into the wedding area to steal this flower column thing.  He stole 2 more things while there.  If his keeps up I'm going to have to redecorate all the lots he spends time on!

While Veronica goes for a jog Wolfgang makes fun of pretty much everyone in the park.

He got Avery so mad she stomped off.

Then this lady, Moira, walked over and autonomously started telling him off.

They got into a fight and Wolfgang lost!

Then he declared her his enemy.

This girl must not be too bright, she keeps coming back to him and just chatting and he keeps making fun of her.

Surprisingly Wolfgang seems to like Alex Noble.  He sits down and starts chatting with him and plays chess while Veronica hovers and watches them.

Chapter 57

Chapter notes: Although it showed a house on the map, when I landed at Charlie and Buffy's it was an empty lot.  You don't see much of it but their new house is Birch Cabin by Dippy Designs.  The "campground" was River Camping by flubber32c4. 

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