Thursday, April 7, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: From the Ashes

Chapter 46

A neighborhood broken and divided has picked up the pieces of their broken hearts and begins to rise from the ashes to create new dreams.

After his wife died, Zayne knew he needed to move and start a new life for himself and his daughter, Alessandra. He and his wife, Mariah met while she was working for the military. Zayne wears his wife's dogtag around every day. But he is also looking for a mother for Alessandra...
(Sim and backstory by RavenBlueJay)

Zayne was taking care of his daughter when he saw two of the neighbors walking by the house.  He ran out and introduced himself and learned that they're sisters, two of a set of triplets and that their names are Shea and Star Goth.  Star wanders off shortly after meeting him but Shea stays for a bit chatting about the neighborhood and all the local families.

After she leaves Zayne reads a book but can't stop thinking about her so he sends her a text.

She replies inviting him to the local park.

They sit and talk some more and Shea shares that her fiance recently died in the epidemic that Zayne has heard so much about.  She says she met Thomas on the playground when they were children.  Zayne in turn tells Shea about losing his wife and how hard it is to be a single dad.

After a while they loosen up and concentrate on less somber topics.


The Goth twins decide to have their birthday party at the Shrieking Llama.  Maxwell goes first, his last trait is neat.  Then Marshall ages up and his last trait is dance machine.

After they blow out their candles they meet their girlfriends inside for a game of don't wake the llama.  The rest of the party was pretty boring actually.

Poor Alexander must have been partied out.  He passed out a foot away from the bed!


It's time to age up Lark Noble.  She's a whiz kid and genius.  Nebula, for some odd reason, was upset about "new sibling" and can be seen crying under the blankets of her bed.

Alisha wants a bigger family and convinces Alex to try for one last baby.

If only the kids knew what their parents were up to in the backyard!  There may be more crying in bed before long, lol.


Jaxton Nunn lost his parents Amaya and Taj in the epidemic.  He's now living with his distant cousin Avery Valdivia.  Today he's on the prowl for a girlfriend.  Not really one in particular, he wants lots of girlfriends... he's a serial romantic.  At the park he meets Morgan Fyres.

Morgan's in a group called the Renegades and he asks her how to join to impress her.  Instead she takes him to the pool hall and introduces him to this little kid Max Villareal that's the group leader.  He chats up Max until he gets into the club.

Now he can put the moves on Morgan right?  Nope.  She keeps going into the girl's bathroom to sabotage all the plumbing.  He spent the entire day trying and didn't manage one romantic move on this girl!

  When he arrives back at the house in the middle of the night Avery is none too happy.


Zander Zest ages to young adult.  He's still living with his girlfriend and her foster-brother Nick.  His last trait is bro.

After Nick leaves for work Zander convinces Julia to go upstairs for their first whoohoo.


Braelyn ages up to a child.  She's a rambunctious scamp and loves the outdoors.

She goes to the park to play pirate while she's playful.

At home her sister Hannah practices the violin.

Jace brings Nebula Noble home after school and they play don't wake the llama.

Daxton wanted a big family and he got it.  Now he can't wait for his kids to get married and have kids of their own!  I think he's got some waiting to do.


Isais feels Tara's belly while they wait for her to go into labor.

Finally the time comes and Tara checks in with Alex Noble at the front desk.
(There are no birth pics because when she put on the smock it took her custom content hair off and then when she changed out of it she was not only bald but in her underwear!)

Looks like Isais got his wish for more than one baby.  Don't let the bassinet colors fool you... it's twin girls (yes more girls) Aubree and Alyssa.


Rosa Lothario invites her 3 brothers over to the house to celebrate her birthday.  Her last trait is dance machine.
(Sorry for the awful pic, Rocco was in the other room and the house is so darned small it was really hard to get a angle without a wall in the way.)

After the cake the brothers go home and Rosa wants to go to a club and drags her roommate Kendall with her.

Kendall gets tired and leaves but Rosa meets some members of a club called The Spin Masters and asks to join.  She stays out until she can barely walk dancing with everyone.

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