Friday, April 8, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Musical Houses

Chapter 47

So many new houses, so many sims moving from one house to another... it's like musical chairs!
I've been searching and searching for a better family tree maker when I stumbled upon something called a genogram.  It is like a family tree but it shows relationships and is very modifiable for complex relationships like the one below to explain Nebula's parentage.  I got this free version of GenoPro here.


 With another little one on the way the Noble house was getting a little crammed.  They built a new house across from the Landgraab mansion.
(Modern Family Home by Aliz_etf)

 Nebula ages to teen.  Her aspiration is Leader of the Pack and her trait is Insider.
(I didn't manage to get a pic of her blowing out the candles because I was trying to get Lark back in the room.)

Nebula starts a club right away.  I was thrilled to see that there was an alien requirement!

Shockingly there's four other aliens in disguise in the town.

 Before Nebula could do more with her club Alisha goes into labor.

Poor Alex, it must be so hard for a doctor to watch someone else work on a loved one.  Especially when they pull out a heart instead of a baby!

Finally a boy!  His name is Tobias.
(I sure hope they fix not being able to change the bassinet color soon.)

I made this one just for this chapter.

Xavier Zest ages to young adult.  His last trait is perfectionist.

After Xavier Julia ages up.  Her last trait is loves the outdoors.

Zander and Julia move into their own home.
(Small & Stylish by sisforsonya - love this house!)

Zander joins the Entertainer career and writes jokes for his new job.

Julia stays out late into the night finding all the local collectable spots.

Xavier moved into a new home as well. He invited his girlfriend Ashley Jones to live with him.
(Majestic Breeze by Tashifae - love this house too!)

The house has a cool upstairs pool.  They spend the morning chatting outside.

Time for their first whoohoo.

Xavier paints while Ashley works on her charisma skill.


 Quinn Jones ages to child.  She's an artistic prodigy and cheerful.

Like father... daughter.

These two look so alike it's crazy.


The twins Maxwell and Marshall invite their twin girlfriends Mary and Mallory to move in.

I wasn't paying attention to Alexander and Scarlet and the next thing I know they're launching off in the rocket!  They might be elders now but they've still got it!

Marshall got busy reading a book and Mary writing a book... but I wasn't sure what to do with the two party animals since I didn't feel like throwing a party or traveling so that Mallory can introduce herself to other sims.

Then I notice there's some sims at the park next door to the mansion and send her over.

This is the biggest group of my sims I've had spontaneously gather together.  Only one of them is a townie.

In the morning someone sets fire to the grill, again, this is like the third time!


Yes, another birthday.  Kaci ages to young adult.  Her last trait is loner- like her mother.

Kaci and Dillon go to the park.  He fishes and she tends her plants.

When she's finished she cloudgazes and enjoys the solitude.  All she needs is her plants for company.

Then, when they get home there's a knock on the door...

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