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TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Men in Black... and White?

Chapter 48

 Lyle Landis and Ricky Westbrook just moved in next door to the Pancakes family.  They went over to introduce themselves and met Chandler and Dillon.
(Men in Black by Cayrees)

Outside Ricky notices a pretty girl and introduces himself.  Her name is Kaci Pancakes and she tells him all about her garden.  Being an outdoor enthusiast himself he's very interested... in the plants and the girl.

Not to be showed up by his roommate Lyle heads to the pool when he notices Kaci from the window.  Could there be a rivalry for our girl?

When it starts getting dark the guys head home next door.
(Cozy Classic Home by islarosexiv)

Zayne Castellanos ages up his daughter Alessandra.  Her aspiration is whiz kid and her trait is bookworm-like dad.

He had just sat down to read her a book when there was a knock at the door.

Shea decided that she was either doing something completely stupid or completely crazy... mabye a lot of both.  It's just that her and Suri had been planning the double wedding that would have been a triple wedding when Star got engaged for what seemed like forever!  Now with Thomas gone it was back to a double wedding for her sisters.  Knowing she is halfway through her young adult years already made Shea feel like she hadn't even started her life yet and a big chunk of it was gone already.  She was ready to get busy living and she hopes that life will include the handsome Zayne and his daughter Alessandra.

When Zayne greeted Shea she just blurted it all out: the triple wedding that isn't going to happen, feeling like her life was going nowhere, feeling a connection to him and his daughter that she didn't think she could feel after losing her fiance.  Shockingly, to both of them, Zayne says he feels the same way about her and that he'll marry her.

Then they have their first kiss... kinda skipped a few steps there guys!

Since all the girls are moving out Charlie and Buffy bulldozed their house and set up a triple wedding for them.  First to marry is Star and Nick.
(I tried to get them all to get married at the same time but the game just won't allow it.  Each time they stop to watch someone else get married!)

Star met Nick Casey when he moved next door with his mother and foster sister.  She was so upset that her sisters were going to get married without her that Nick misunderstood her and proposed.  The first time she said no because she thought it was just pity but after Nick came back to her begging her to marry him she said yes.
(For the chapter they met in check out Just Everyday Sim Style)

Next is Suri and Angelo Lothario.  They met shortly after aging to teens at The Green Dragon Bar.
(For the chapter they met in check out The Mystery Girl)

They're so sweet together!

No need to remind you how Shea and Zayne met.  Their story went from meeting to married very fast but trust me it's just starting!

Second kiss at their wedding, lol.

Shea gives her new daughter a big hug.

Tara and Isaias age up the twins.  Alyssa is a rambunctious scamp and active-like mom and Aubree is a social butterfly and goofball-like dad.

The girls get along great.
(And no, I didn't change their hair colors only one of their styles so they would match.)

Later that night they all went to the park.  Aubree meets her cousin Lark and aunt Alisha.

Alyssa dances with her parents and Sierra Fogel.


Let me just say that MC Command Center is freaking awesome!  When I landed I looked at Skye's relationship panel to see who she knew to invite to a party and noticed that Sebastian Jones was on there as a romantic interest.  I was furious.  Then I clicked on his picture on the relationship panel and chose forget-only romantic and it's gone!  I plan to do this for the whole neighborhood, I'm so happy!
 Skye and Rocco throw a black and white bash.  Skye's reminding Rocco to talk about zebras and penguins a lot so they stay in theme.

Opps forgot to take the UI down.  Rocco chats with his new sister-in-law Suri, her sister Shea and her husband Zayne.

Evan Fogel was supposed to cater the event, he made one thing then started cleaning up (notice the stack of dishes by his feet) then joined the party.

I tried and tried to figure out how to get everyone to listen to classical music but couldn't figure it out and ended up with a bronze for the party.

As soon as everyone leaves Rocco is back in the basement working out.

When they went to bed I couldn't figure out why the time wasn't speeding up.  Then I found Angelo's sister Rosa still on the motion gaming machine!

Just thought I'd take a quick pic of this household.  I'm not going to play them but I didn't want to accidentally delete them or have anything happen to them so I stuck them in a house.  They are all the aliens from Nebula's group, plus one human husband.  There's also 2 alien twin boys but they went off to school.  The lady with the poofy hair, Susan is their mom.  The guys next to her Shannon and Prince are married; the guy in the white shirt is human and he's married to Davon in front of him and all the way to the right is a teen named Harley.

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