Sunday, April 10, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Clubs Galore!

Chapter 49

It's time for Tobias Noble to escape the pink bassinet.  I liked his outfit and hair so much I didn't change a thing!  He's a social butterfly and outgoing-like mom.

Aaron sees Hannah Landgraab walking by outside and runs out to introduce himself.

Just a few minutes chatting and they're already taking selfies.

Nebula starts a meeting of her alien club The Invaders at a pub.  You can tell Harley's a teen with that camera, lol.

One of the club activities is using your alien powers.

Since Tobias needs to work on his social Nebula called him up and told him to join her.  He's a big hit with the club members.

So the Grim Reaper and a cop go to a bar... stop me if you've heard this one!

Anyone want to be my knight in shining armor?  No?

I realized that I haven't played the Fogel's much but couldn't think of what to do with them.  Then I remembered they own a bakery, duh.  So Keith took a vacation day from school and practiced typing and played keyboard commander all day while his parents ran the bakery.

The place got so packed that they really needed to hire help but the help won't start until the next time the bakery opens.

Evan started an Upper Crusts club meeting when he opened the store and I realized I could let them use the door to the kitchen upstairs.  I got so occupied playing that I forgot to take some screenshots but they totally trashed the place.  By the time the family got home they were all exhausted and dropped into bed.

Zander wanted to bro hug someone so he started a bro club called Yo Bro.

He starts a club gathering at The Green Dragon Bar and finally gets his bro hug.

I took out some of the tables and added some pub games.  Zander plays darts with Rocco Lothario.

Zander got a text from his brother Xavier to meet him at Rumors nightclub.  He brings his girlfriend Julia along and Xavier dissapears.  Very well, Rumors gets an upgrade as well with a dj booth and dance floor.

Things between Zander and Julia get hot and heavy and they head home.

Earlier in the day Julia got the whim to get engaged to Zander.

Zander can't believe she beat him to it!  Of course he says yes.

Andrea and Sebastian still need "reach maximum body potential" to complete their aspirations.

Quinn plays with toys.

Then chats with her dad while he paints.

 Zoe makes some french toast and they listen to Quinn tell a story.

Then they go to the museum to view artwork.

For some reason kids kept showing up angry and going to the bathroom to calm down in the mirror.  Btw: The kid with the hat is named Goopy.  I thought it was so funny I kept him in the neighborhood.  I'm thinking of changing his last name to GilsCarbo like in Sims 2.

Quinn meets the L'Amour twins but one is angry and the other bored so she gives up and goes home.

Veronica joins the Powerhouse club and starts a club gathering at the house.

Jace takes advantage of the captive audience to make some adult friends.

Braelyn reaches a high score on keyboard commander and completes her aspiration.

Hannah listens to music then practices the violin.  Her skill needs some work.  You can tell by the look on her face, lol.

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