Monday, April 11, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Matchmaking Mahyem

Chapter 50

 Dillon's aging up to young adult.  His last trait is cheerful.

I noticed that Paisley's ageline was in bubbles sooo welcome to elderhood Paisley.

Kaci gets a text from Ricky inviting her out.

They arrive at the Narwhal Arms and stand outside and chat for a bit before heading in.

Kaci shocks Ricky by kissing him on the dance floor.  He thought she was going to pick his roommate Lyle.

She asks him to be her boyfriend and he drags her to a convenient closet for a little alone time.

When Kaci tells Dillon that she's dating Ricky he's really excited for her.

Kaci told Dillon about the party going on at the nightclub so he calls up Lyle to join him.  They meet Candy Behr there.

They must really like each other.  They autonomously left the dance floor and sat down to chat for hours.
(Until this point I hadn't thought much about the Windenburg residents but Candy Behr-Pancakes is just too entertaining to resist!)
Windenburg residents
Well why not?  I had a day with nothing planned so I spent it jumping from house to house in Windenburg and getting a feel for some of their personalities and of course thinking of who I can hook them up with!
My only interest in this house is Paulo Rocca and Marcus Flex.  Sorry girls.
(Sorry about the crappy shot)
 The guys hear that there's some single ladies living here so they go for a visit and meet Kendall Goth and Rosa Lothario.  After that they met Avery Valdivia but for some reason I didn't take a screenshot.

Ah yes. *rubs hands together*  Wolfgang my boy you are the kind of sim we all love to hate.  Malcolm was one of my favorites after all.

Speaking of Malcolm, Wolfgang has heard the rumors of Malcolm Landgraab and drags his little brother to the house to meet the family.  It's the middle of the afternoon and the whole family is in their pajamas!

The boys hang out with the family a bit and Wolfgang is disappointed that they seem to have gotten soft over the generations.

Okay this was supposed to be my big reveal of the sim that I got off the gallery and moved into Windenburg.  He joined the Knights of the Hedge club and was invited to a gathering.  This is what I see when they land!  I almost fell out of my chair laughing!  So I guess you'll have to wait to see what Dayton Weller looks like.
(I'm Your Guy by Evan1994- The bio said he was new to Windenburg so that's where I put him.)
The erm Knights wander the maze until it's really late and Dayton goes home to bed.
 Kendall and Rosa want boyfriends and they have just the guys in mind.  They invite Paulo and Lyle to The Kissing Llamas... cuz where better to try to sneak a kiss than The Kissing Llamas?

They got bored so they went to a club in Windenburg where they discovered they could group dance!  OMG

Kendall finally pulls Paulo to the side for a little flirting and kissing.

Fast forward past the part where Lyle left the club and called Rosa to invite her to the gym where she flirted shamelessly with him and kissed him in front of her brother Rocco... I kept waiting to get the perfect shot and it just never happened, sorry.  The girls invite the guys to stay the night.

Nothing like rushing things eh?

At breakfast a few weeks later the guys agree that the girl's house is crap.  They each offer their new girlfriends to move in with them saying that their roommates shouldn't mind and would appreciate someone else to help with rent anyway.
(Originally I left it open-ended with the guys leaving in the morning but I didn't like how it ended so after some thought I brought them back to invite them to move in.  I know it seems rushed as far as the timeline goes but it's truthfully at least a week and a half later when they invite them.)

I swear the game is against me I know I hit tab!  *sigh*  Ruined my shot.  Zander and Julia are getting married.  I decided to try the Von Haunt Estate... never again.

At least I got a good shot of them actually getting married.  :)

Where are all the guests?  Freaking everywhere!

Then they all crowd into this tiny corner to watch the caterer and mixologist play chess since they can't do anything else.  Somehow they managed to get a silver for the wedding!

Before they leave Xavier gives his brother a hug and congratulates him.  He tells him next time it'll be his wedding and shows him the ring he's been carrying around waiting for the right moment.

How'd you like your honeymoon Julia?  What?  There was supposed to be a honeymoon?

Ah the romance.

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