Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TS4- Neighborhood Rotation: Dazed and Confused

Chapter 51

Sierra tells her aunt Scarlet that she doesn't want a birthday party or cake or anything.  She tells her she's moving out to live with a guy she met the other day who offered to let her sleep on his couch if she helped pay the rent.  She got a job as a barista and doesn't want anyones pity anymore.
(I swear if I have to check the screenshots folder after each shot this will be the last pic with the UI up!)

She gives her uncle Alexander a hug and leaves.  He doesn't agree with her choice but now that it's her birthday there's not much he can do to stop her either.

She shows up at Dayton Weller's house and tells him she's taking him up on the offer of the couch.
(Whimsical Starter by Cattherinesmith)

She takes out the cake that her aunt insisted she have and ponders what to wish for.  Then gives up and just blows out the candles.  Her last trait is gloomy.

She spends the rest of the day getting to know Dayton.
(Nice to see him out of the knight costume eh?)

 When Dayton offers her the bed she refuses and goes to sleep on the couch.  In the morning she'll start her new job and hopefully she can get past the loss of her parents and move on.

Xavier takes Ashley to The Green Dragon Bar where they met as teens.  He's trying to get up the courage to propose.  He tells her he rented a room upstairs so they can be alone.

He starts with a little making out to set the mood.

Then a little more.

Of course she says yes.  She was wondering what all this was about.

Word travels fast.  When they got home they got one text message after another congratulating them and then first Ashley's mom Andrea shows up to congratulate them...

...then Ashley's twin brother Adam...

... then Xavier's brother Zander and their neighbor Dominick.

Umm guys?  Trying to sleep here.  Ashley fell asleep on the couch too and had to wake up and ask everyone to leave so they could go to bed!

It's Keith Fogel's birthday and all he needs for his aspiration is to cross the monkey bars 3 times.

Time to blow out the candles!

Grilled cheese!  Grilled cheese!  Grilled cheese!  Can you guess Keith's aspiration?  His new trait is active.

His neighbors Ricky and Dillon stop by to wish him happy birthday and Keith tells them all about the awesomeness that is grilled cheese.

I seriously laughed until I cried when I saw this!

Evan throws a dinner party and invites half the neighborhood.  Geeze I need to change Paisley's party outfit!

The caterer makes a meal and Evan calls everyone to eat... wow what a mess!  The caterer made one single meal, once Evan grabbed that everyone started taking stuff from the fridge and leaving it laying everywhere!  He got a silver for his dinner party.

Krystle argues with Daxton that the teens are out of control, especially his sister.  Daxton replies that it's his sister not hers and he knows a hell of a lot more about raising kids than she does.  Little do they know all the kids hear everything they say.

The argument only drove the girls closer to the boys that Krystle was complaining about in the first place.  They skip school and invite the boys out.

There's nothing going on in the pub so they leave.

They go to the bluffs and hang out in the water.

They all become a lot closer over the day.

Soon it's getting late and they're all hungry so they say goodbye and head home.

They arrive to hear the end of the argument.  Daxton tells Krystle he knows she only married him because she wanted to live in a mansion but he only married her because he wanted kids and she could give them to him.  He tells her he wants a divorce and that she can stay until she finds her own place.

After everyone is in bed Marcus Flex shows up at the door looking for Veronica and Krystle is quick to put her moves on him.

Daxton is woken up by the noise upstairs and finds Krystle making out with Marcus right outside of the kids bedrooms.  He tells her to just leave and goes back to bed.

 I hadn't played this house since Suri and Angelo got married so I thought I'd give them some time.  Kaylie needed to work out at the gym and Suri needed to meet 10 people so off to the gym they went.

After they get home Suri does some yoga.

Angelo finishes a book.

Seriously?  I was bored to death with them.  I think I'm concentrating too much on the aspirations.

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