Friday, April 8, 2016

TS4- Runaway Teen Lovers Chapter 5: Fishing for Fishes!

Chapter 5

Sorry there haven't been any posts for a few days, I've been thinking over the baby issue.
We catch up with the little family spending time together.

Erm guys?  We're here so that Zora can use the monkey bars not so you can... nevermind.

All Zora needs for her aspiration is to cross the monkey bars 3 times.

Tada!  Now she wants to be an artistic prodigy like mom.

When they get home Rome tells Jules he wants to try for another baby.  A little brother or sister for Zora.

The bathroom is so tiny there's no way the camera is fitting in there... she's pregnant!

The next day is Saturday and Zora doesn't have school so she swims while her mom paints and dad fishes.  She attempts to do a backflip but does a belly flop instead.
(Oops forgot to hit tab!)

 She talks to the nice man that cheered for her when she was diving... never knowing it's her own grandfather!

The house is expanded to it's maximum 10x10 size in preparation for the little one on the way.  Rome wanted a tv so I made them a little living-room area.  They also finally got some windows.

They go to the park in Willow Creek so that Rome can try to catch some different fish.  Mother and daughter cloudgaze while they wait.

The next day they venture to Sylvan Glade in yet another attempt to catch some different fish.

Zora feels mommy's belly while they wait for her to go into labor.

And she does a few minutes later!  We'll have to wait for the next chapter to see what it is!
<evil grin>

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